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The products we deliver to you will be exactly what you need.

We believe in making GIS straightforward and stress-free for you. Our deliverables are not just seamlessly designed; they are beautifully crafted, intuitive and accessible. Enjoy a seamless GIS journey for both you and your users while we navigate the complexities of data and technology on your behalf.

Our deliverables are simple, beautiful, and accessible.

Tech Proficient

With over 25 years in the industry, we know ALL the software and system tools. We choose both the software and the solution best for you.

Full Service

No matter the industry, we have you covered. From the office, in the field, or on the web. If your problem is spatial, we can help!

GIS Professional Services

With us, Spatial Is Simple

Our services are custom tailored for you!

Cartography & Mapping

Need a map? We have you covered from base data to templates. High resolution map graphics in hard copy or web friendly formats.

Spatial Analysis

Routing, proximity, change detection, and more. Ask the question and we will find the answer.

Transformation & Translation

We can translate any format into any other format.

Development & Automation Services

Let us be your geospatial development partner!

With us, you’re not a customer, you’re a partner

Cartography & Mapping

Transforming Data into Visual Media

From field data to compelling maps, we specialize in transforming information into meaningful figures. Our cartographic products are custom tailored to meet your unique needs, ensuring your data is presented effectively for your target audience, industry, and project requirements. Whether you require data management throughout your project's lifecycle or expert cartography, mapping, and figure generation for your final dataset, we've got you covered.

cartographic map
Versatile Solutions for Your Mapping Needs
  • All standard page sizes
  • Map Books
  • Large format Map
  • Alignment Sheets

We offer a wide range of templates, layouts, formats and other options. No matter the scale or type of map you need, our skilled team can create the visuals you require.

Cartographic Elements
  • Custom map layouts
  • Advanced Annotation
  • Dynamic map elements
  • Industry specifications

We're committed to delivering tailored cartographic solutions that tell your data's unique story.

Transformation Services

We Can Translate Anything

Do you need your data in a different file type, format or projection? We can translate any spatial type to any other spatial data type. We can also transform data to any standard or custom spatial data projection.

cartographic map
  • Any file
  • Any database
  • Any projection
Spatial Data File Formats
  • Shape Files (.shp)
  • Key Markup Language (.kml, .kmz)
  • GPS Exchange Format (.gpx)
  • GeoJason (.json)
  • CAD Files (.dwg, .dxf)
  • ESRI Personal Geodatabase (.mdb)
  • MapInfo TAB (.tab)
  • Spatial Database (PostGIS, Oracle Spatial)
  • SpatiaLite (.sqlite)
  • TopoJSON (.topojson)
  • File Geodatabase (.gdb)
  • GeoTIFF (.tiff, .tif)
  • And Others . . .

We can translate any data format to any other data format.

Spatial Analysis

Transforming Raw Data into Actionable Intelligence

Spatial analysis is your key to data-driven success. It's more than just a tool; it's the cornerstone of strategic decision-making, problem-solving, and smart planning. It provides deeper situational awareness empowering you to understand your surroundings, manage risks effectively, and allocate resources with precision, all of which boost your competitive edge.

spatial data analysis

Our skilled analysts have you covered from the fundamentals like buffering, clustering, and proximity analysis to advanced techniques involving advanced interpolation and prediction algorithms, including powerful machine learning methods. Whether you're selecting the ideal site, finding the nearest location, assessing terrain for risk management, or pursuing any other analytical endeavor, our services reveal valuable insights buried within your geospatial data.

With our analytical services in your toolkit, you'll have the information you need at your fingertips, positioning you as a leader in your industry.

Types of Analysis
  • Proximity Analysis
  • Network Analysis & Routing
  • Change Detection
  • Suitability Analysis
  • Hot Spot Analysis
  • Spatial Clustering
  • Spatial Interpolation
  • Terrain Analysis (Elevation, Slope, Aspect, etc.)

We're focused on providing customized spatial analysis solutions that bring out the unique narrative in your data.

Web Maps & Sharing

Share Anything on the Web

Web mapping can be as simple as sharing your data deliverables vi a Google Map or importing a KML to Google Earth, or as advanced as a nodeJS application backed by a postGIS database. Whatever your web based needs, we have you covered with a solution that fits both your budget and skill level. We pride ourselves in providing user friendly solutions which make GIS data accessible to the majority of users.

cartographic map
Web Mapping Delivery Systems
  • Leaflet
  • Open Layers
  • Google Earth
  • Google Maps
  • ArcGIS Online

We work with a variety of spatial libraries and back end architecture solutions to ensure the product we deliver to you meets both your use case and your budget.

GIS In The Cloud
  • Share
  • Search
  • Edit
  • GIS In The Cloud

Work with us to take your GIS needs to the next level with a tailored web mapping solutions that is accessible any time from any where.

Development & Automation

Custom Solutions: When one size does NOT fit all

When your business is as unique as your fingerprint and we can't find an off the shelf solution to solve your problem, custom development is your key to success. Building on a library of existing code, we can build a custom solution as basic as a python script and as advanced as a progressive web app which works offline.

cartographic map
GeoSpatial Development Services
  • Bash Scripts run by Cron
  • Custom ESRI or QGIS Extensions & Scripts
  • Leaflet based Web Maps
  • Progressive Web Applications with GeoLocation
  • nodeJS Applications with PostGIS back ends

If you can't get it off the shelf, we can build it for you.

Programing Languages
  • Python (ArcPy & QGIS)
  • CSS (GeoServer Styling and more)
  • Java Script
  • Bash/Shell

From basic to advanced our analysts and developers have you covered from shell scripts run by cron to fully featured PWA's and nodeJS applications.

Contact Us Today
Vera Green
  • Hi, I'm Vera, and for over 25 years, I've specialized in helping small businesses to unlock the power of GIS. I understand the unique challenges faced by business owners. My mission is to provide tailored GIS products and services designed specifically for your distinct business needs.

    I'm proud to say that I'm platform agnostic, equally adept with open-source tools as well as industry leaders like ArcGIS from ESRI. This flexibility ensures the GIS solutions I provide fit both the needs and the budget of my clients.

    My passion for breaking down barriers to geospatial data access and utilization is reflected in how I work with clients and the products I deliver. I'm here to empower you and your entire team, regardless of your level of expertise.

    Whether you need a single map or a comprehensive GIS strategy, my expertise is your competitive advantage. I take pride in delivering user-friendly, customized solutions that provide tangible support to your business.

    Let's collaborate today and propel your business forward with the transformative power of GIS!

  • VGeo consists of a team of skilled GIS professionals with a wide range of expertise. We will align your project needs with the right professional to get your project done right, the first time and every time.

    Whether you require GPS field support, cartography, CAD, spatial analysis, or relational database design, the VGeo team of experts has you covered at all stages of your project.

    If your project involves spatial data, we have the skills to deliver value at every stage.

    Let's collaborate today and propel your business forward with the transformative power of GIS!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • After working with GIS software for over 25 years we feel comfortable working with either product. We tailor the software we use to our client needs.

  • We're delighted you asked. Here's the deal: Many businesses end up overpaying for GIS services. We take pride in providing cost-effective, flexible solutions that align with our clients' budgets.

    But let's be clear, we're not a discount vendor. In fact, you'll find our rates to be highly competitive. Here's how you save with us in the short and long term:

    In the short term, our experienced team and in-house library of tools and templates mean tasks get done efficiently, saving you time and money.

    In the long term, we excel in setting up cost-effective processes and licensing structures, ensuring you pay only for what you need. No hidden costs or redundant fees; we automate where possible.

    Also, we only charge for real, tangible services, not inflated metrics like cycle times. You've heard the saying: `If you think you can't afford a professional try hiring an armature.` When you partner with us, you are working with professionals who deliver value through their experience.

  • We appreciate your question. We are including the term `accessible` intentionally because it reflects a core value of ours.

    Over our 25+ years of working with clients, we've noticed a recurring theme: GIS tends to be limited to a select few within organizations. There's a significant barrier to access, created by the nature of GIS data and the way GIS systems are traditionally set up. This lack of accessibility means that the potential of GIS remains largely untapped by most team members in an organization, and that's something we're determined to change.

    We're dedicated to making GIS accessible to your entire organization. Interested in our approach? Schedule a call today, and let's discuss breaking down barriers for widespread GIS use.

  • From a client perspective, the hardest thing about GIS is understanding how powerful it is and how you can use it effectively in your business. We work with clients every day to make GIS understandable and accessible. We try to make our deliverables user friendly and to empower our clients to interact with GIS data in an easy way.

    From a GIS professional perspective the hardest parts of GIS are projections and performance.

  • We can help you visualize or transform your existing survey data. However, we do not currently have the specialized equipment required to collect new survey data in the field.

  • We get this question a lot, so we are glad you asked! To answer this question we use a car analogy: How much does it cost to buy a car? Well, that depends. Are you a teenager looking for their first ride or a family looking for a safe and reliable vehicle to last you the next decade? The amount you need to spend on a car depends on your needs, personal circumstance, and available budget. It's the same for web mapping applications.

    Our smallest web mapping solution was delivered for 1 thousand dollars and we also worked with a client over four years during which time we developed a sophisticated web application valued today at half a million dollars. Based on this, web mapping solutions cost somewhere between 1 thousand and 500 thousand dollars. But the smaller once are more fun to build ;-)

  • We sincerely appreciate your interest in joining our team and the time you have taken to explore potential opportunities with us. Your enthusiasm and commitment do not go unnoticed, and we are grateful for the interest you've shown in becoming a part of our organization. However, at this time, we want to be transparent and inform you that we are not currently hiring for any positions.

    Please refrain from filling out the contact form for job applications as we will not reply to job seekers through this form.

    While we are not currently hiring, when we do, we require candidates to be legally allowed to work in Canada,possess a degree in GIS, and be open to starting on an as and when needed basis with no guaranteed hours.

    If you find these conditions align with your career goals and you are still interested in potential future opportunities with us, please feel free to send your resume to: contact@vgeo.ca. Ensure the subject line reads: Job Seeker: First Name, Last Name. We value your continued interest in our organization and wish you success in your job search

    Thank you once again for considering us as a potential employer.


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