Using geospatial data shouldn’t be hard, expensive or tedious.

We build solutions which break down technology barriers and empower your entire organization to use geospatial data.

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So my daughter came home from school the other day and said. Mom, what do you do at work, I mean, I know what you do but I can’t explain it to my friends. So I told her, just tell them I make maps, like google maps.

Now that’s a huge oversimplification, but, that’s the nature of the geospatial industry, it’s complex and most people don’t really understand it.

This is a problem which has bothered me for a very long time.

Using geospatial data shouldn’t be hard, expensive or tedious, but there is a huge barrier to access including expensive software, restrictive licensing and big data. By big data I mean big enough to be annoying, like you can’t just email it.

Our mission is to break down these barriers and empower data access for ALL users. For people like you!

The industry is exploding! A huge volume of geospatial data flows through the market. While new sensors and feature extraction algorithms are hitting the market daily data delivery seams to be stuck in 2020.

VGeo specializes in building cloud first geospatial data applications. Our ENDpoint products let the tech do the heavy lifting so that YOU

get the answers you need without barriers.

Access, manage and share your data any time from anywhere, with a few simple clicks. Using geospatial data shouldn’t be hard, expensive or tedious, that’s why we build the solutions which break down technology barriers and empower your entire organization to use geospatial data. This is the future we see for your organization, and it gives us great satisfaction to provide you with new, innovative solutions to your geospatial data problems.

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We are a consortium of professionals working as a distributed team.

Vera Green

Co-Founder &


Systems Specialist

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Kier Lindsay

Co-Faoucer &

Developer &

Linux System Guru.

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Norm Geeraert

GIS Analyst &

Q-GIS Expert & Data Wrangler

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Tejaswini (TJ), Veena Sambmurthy

Front End Developer &

Model Expert

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Our team and extensive network of consultants provide expert services in . . .

Server Administration

We work with state of the art server specialists for all our security, firewall, networking and high level system maintenance.


Our diverse team of developers is ready to meet any challenge. We work with a distributed team of freelances and independent contractors.

Project Management

Our project managers excel at requirements gathering for agile development.

System Specialists

From database administrator ninjas, to nodeJS server gurus, to GeoServer wizards we have the expertise to set up state of the art systems optimized for cloud first architecture. Get the performance you need from your system.

UX/UI Design

Our designers deliver clean interfaces with an expert focus on usability so that our products are easy and enjoyable to use. Visual communication is key to our design philosophy. Two clicks to answers.

Geospatial Data Management

Lat but not least we excel at geospatial data management. From RDBMS design to automated processing pipelines we have your geospatial data needs covered. Spend less time looking for your data and more time looking at your data.

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Why Open Source?

“Free as in Speech”

Open source tech is a leader in the geospatial space; we are at the leading edge of our field! Our systems are modern and follow open standards.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on software, before even getting a system administrator or developer in the door, we invest in people and solutions. This means that 100% of our budget goes to powering people, instead of proprietary products.

What Does “Free as in Speech” Mean in the open source space?

Open source is a development methodology; free software is a social movement. ~ Richard Stallman.